26th Scientific Symposium International Film Festival


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WPATH 2020 International Film Festival

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A Long Road to Peace

Katherine Cutting (Director, Producer); Chris Adebayo (Producer)

The stories of 8 LGBTQ asylum seekers who've found their homes in Canada, this harrowing look at their journeys explores the forces that push LGBTQ refugees from their native countries, the challenges they face in coming to Canada, and the people who support them once they arrive.

A Woman is a Woman

Maisy Goosy Suen (Director); Mimi Wong (Producer); Jackie Wong (Writer); Finn Chen (Videographer)

Two trans women, one at puberty and the other at midway of her life, both crave for integration and acceptance but experience tons and tons of difficulties. Both have to overcome prejudice of others to find happiness in themselves. By interweaving the stories of the two characters struggling to be themselves, this film helps the audience to understand and empathize with transgender people and their quest for acceptance.

Finding Bobbi

  Scot Morison (Director, Writer, Producer); Ava Karvonen (Producer); Sergio Olivares; Wes Belair (Editor); John McMillan   (Original Music/Composer)

  The poignant journey of a transgender actor unfolds as twnety-three years after last performing on stage as a man, she returns in the iconic role of   Aunt Eller in an LGBTQ+ production of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic Oklahoma! At the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Patient No More

Diana Fraser (Director, Producer, Offline Editor); Brennan Vance (Director of Photography); Val Mondor (Online Editor); Terry Gray (Sound Operator and Audio Mixer)

Patient No More explores the barriers LGBTQ+ women navigate across healthcare systems, and how the never-ending hunt for affirming health care affects their lives.


Chris Arnold (Director); Mark Schoen (Producer); Jerry Feldman (Videographer); Ed Stevens (Videographer)

TRANS is an extraordinary documentary feature about men and women, and all the variations in between. It is about the transgender community, perhaps the most misunderstood and mistreated minority around the world. Inspired by the work of Dr. Christine McGinn and her work as a transgender surgeon, "TRANS" provides an up-close and very personal vision into the lives, loves, and challenges of a remarkable cast of characters of all ages and from all walks of life.

Transit Havana

Daniel Abma (Director); Alex Bakker (Researcher); Johannes Praus (Camera); Iris Lammertsma (Executive Producer)

“Homophobia no, socialismo si!” shouts the official slogan of Cuban politics. Cuba knows Mariela Castro - Raul's daughter and Fidel's niece - as the champion of gay rights. Under her inspiring guidance, the state started a treatment program for transgender citizens whereby all expenses are reimbursed. Is the poor communist island changing into a paradise for trans people? Can these changes in Cuba neatly fit within the dictatorship? A full-blooded documentary that tracks the obstacles three candidates face on the way to attaining a procedure they have so long desired.

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