26th Scientific Symposium International Film Festival


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WPATH 2020 International Film Festival

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April Alexander (Director, Writer, Producer); Jordan Staiti (Director, Actor)

Hong Kong Transgender Stories

Mimi Wong (Producer); Kit Hung (Producer); Down Wong (Editor)

This is about the self-told stories of 2 transmen and 4 transwomen. These 6 people all live in Hong Kong. Through their own narration, we hope the public will understand the problems and issues they face. Our aim is to let the common people understand that they are no different from cisgender people. They could all work and contribute to society. Through this short film, we hope to remove the negative perception, label and stigmatization towards transgender people and let them live normally in society.

I Have to Think of us as Separate People

Stephen Ira (Co-Director); Chris Berntsen (Co-Director)

This collaborative experimental film explores the relationship between to two filmmakers and focuses on their experiences as a cisgendered -transgendered gay couple. The film conveys the genuine love for each others bodies and for one another in order to offer proof that deep relationships between cis and trans men can and do exist despite a lack of visibility throughout historic and contemporary representation of queerness. Made on super 8mm film, the film reflects a contemporary experience through a medium that has a relationship to historic private familial moments in order to broaden the sense of time these relationships have existed.

Sane-ish Middle Class Asians

Lisa "Alyx" Bui (Director, Writer, Editor, Actor): Nicole Jones-Abad (Vieographer, Cinematographer)

A queer love story that examines tarot, mysticism, choices and the feelings of long, through Asian folklore. The story of a truck and her boy. The Ballad of Bessie Brown retells the complete overhaul of young trans man Ian Brown, and the work that went into his vehicle Bessie during the same period.

The Ballad of Bessie Brown

Katherine Cutting (Director)

The story of a truck and her boy. The Ballad of Bessie Brown retells the complete overhaul of a young trans man Ian Brown, and the work that went into his vehicle Bessie during the same period.

There’s Heart Here

Rick Haverkate (Producer); Jessica Leston (Producer); Morgan Thomas (Producer); Courtney Harmann (Director); Kerribeth Elliott (Editor)

Roller derby champion. Activist. Cyclist. Follow three indigenous members of the Two Spirit and LGBTQ community as they journey toward self-acceptance, supportive healthcare, and communities that celebrate them.

Trans Voices of Healthcare

Polly Schattel (Director of Photography and Editor); Jennifer Abbott, MD (Director); Megan Caine, FNP (Producer); Allister Styan (Producer)

This short 9 minute film features trans and nonbinary people speaking from their experience about what healthcare providers need to know to provide the best healthcare for trans patients.


Shridhar Bapat (Editor); Susan Milano (Editor, Videographer); Elyshia Pass (Editor, Videographer); Daniel Landau (Videographer); Garret Ormiston (Videographer)

Fifty years ago, it was virtually impossible to access gender affirming surgery in the United States, so Deborah Hartin traveled to a doctor in Casablanca to achieve what she had long wanted. Having spent most of her 20-plus years trying to conform to life in the body of a man, she chose to follow her destiny and fully become the person she knew herself to be. In 1971, a year after surgery, a group of New York City students learning to use the new technology of portable video, featured her in a documentary about her experience and the concerns of other Trans community members.

Waiting for Me

Glendalina Ziemba (Director, Editor, Writer, Music)

A woman dreams of love and inner peace... and through prayer and help from her imaginary friends becomes the woman she is to be.

Wild HR

Vandy Beth Glenn (Writer, Director); Bridget LaMonica (Cinematographer); Dany Ashby (Lead Actress); Davis Clark (Lead Actor)

Bethany, a transgender woman, and her cisgender co-worker Jeannette go to their office's HR department to deal with some paperwork. While waiting her turn, Bethany meets Pete, another employee, who doesn't notice she's transgender—but has some strong opinions about transgender individuals that he feels compelled to share with her.

Words Matter: Our Authentic Transgender Selves

Kyle Reese (Director, Producer)

This film explores why words and how we use them are important to the transgender community, as stated by trans folk and the people who love them.

Your Love is Giving Me Life

Halo Rossetti (Director, Writer); Katherine Dickson (Producer); Madeleine Bishop (Director of Photography); Feathers Wise (Artist)

Your Love is Giving Me Life is a science fiction music video by artist Feathers Wise and director Halo Rossetti with an all queer production team. It is an homage to the 1985 film "Lifeforce," which finds Feathers flanked by fierce femmes Moss and Icon Ebony Fierce, in the role of energy vampires who drain a foursome of toxic college dude bros. During post-production, Feathers traveled to Buenos Aires for facial remodeling surgery with Dr. DiMaggio. The music video is bookended by before and after testimonials.

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