Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound:
The Virtual Upper Extremity Course

A comprehensive virtual upper extremity ultrasound review including live scanning demonstrations, didactic lectures, questions/answers, and scheduled small group interactive office hours with all material available online. For a copy of the slide presentations, click the button at the end of each video and you will be redirected to a new window where you can download the presentation.


           Image Optimization & Artifacts

            Needle Guidance Techniques


            Anatomy and Scanning Techniques

            Rotator Cuff-Part 1

            Rotator Cuff-Part 2

            Shoulder: Pitfalls

            Shoulder: Biceps Brachii

            Shoulder: Bursal and
            Other Pathology

            Shoulder: Trauma and Masses

            Shoulder: Post-Operative

            Shoulder: Interventional


            Elbow: Anatomy and
            Scanning Techniques

            Elbow: Joint and
            Bursal Pathology

            Elbow: Epicondylitis

            Elbow: Biceps and Triceps

            Elbow: Ligaments

            Elbow: Nerves

            Elbow: Interventional

Wrist and Hand

            Wrist and Hand:
            Anatomy and
            Scanning Techniques

            Wrist and Hand:

            Wrist and Hand:

            Wrist and Hand:

            Wrist and Hand:

            Wrist and Hand:
            Cysts and Masses

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