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26th Scientific Symposium International Film Festival

On behalf of the WPATH 2020 Steering Committee, we are pleased to present the below films as part of the WPATH 2020 International Film Festival

Short Films


Hong Kong Transgender Stories

Mimi Wong (Producer); Kit Hung (Producer); Down Wong (Editor)

his is about the self-told stories of 2 transmen and 4 transwomen. These 6 people all live in Hong Kong. Through their own narration, we hope the public will understand the problems and issues they face. Our aim is to let the common people understand that they are no different from cisgender people. They could all work and contribute to society. Through this short film, we hope to remove the negative perception, label and stigmatization towards transgender people and let them live normally in society.

I Have to Think of us as Separate People

Stephen Ira (Co-Director); Chris Berntsen (Co-Director)

his collaborative experimental film explores the relationship between to two filmmakers and focuses on their experiences as a cisgendered -transgendered gay couple. The film conveys the genuine love for each others bodies and for one another in order to offer proof that deep relationships between cis and trans men can and do exist despite a lack of visibility throughout historic and contemporary representation of queerness. Made on super 8mm film, the film reflects a contemporary experience through a medium that has a relationship to historic private familial moments in order to broaden the sense of time these relationships have existed.

Sane-ish Middle Class Asians

Lisa "Alyx" Bui (Director, Writer, Editor, Actor); Nicole Jones-Abad (Videographer, Cinematographer)

A queer love story that examines tarot, mysticism, choices and the feelings of longing, through Asian folklore.

The Ballad of Bessie Brown

Katherine Cutting (Director)

The story of a truck and her boy. The Ballad of Bessie Brown retells the complete overhaul of young trans man Ian Brown, and the work that went into his vehicle Bessie during the same period.

There’s Heart Here